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Paradox Street Art Tauranga | Oi YOU!

Paradox street art festival's main exhibition was in Tauranga art gallery and murals were painted across the central city. 


PARADOX 2017 in Tauranga, NZ saw for the first time in the southern hemisphere, a municipal gallery in a major city given over completely to street and graffiti art

Charles and Janine Williams, Paradox, 2017, Tauranga - credit Luke Shirlaw

- Tauranga, New Zealand

- 2017

- Askew One
- Fintan Magee
- Lucy McLauchlan
- Rone
- Sofles
- Charles & Janine Williams
- Jacob Yikes
- Oi YOU! Collection  

Guest artist appearances by Seth Globe Painter and Wongi.

Selected images of exhibition & murals.