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Banksy Street Art Collection | Oi YOU!

Banksy has 22 works in the Oi YOU! Collection but it also features Faile, Os Gemios, Antony Micallef, David Choe, Swoon and many others.

The Oi YOU! Collection features 22 works by Banksy 

The Oi YOU! Collection consists of over 80 works of art by some of the world's leading street and graffiti artists. Faile, David Choe, Paul Insect, Os Gemeos, Antony Micallef, Adam Neate and many others feature alongside 22 works by the world's most talked about artist - Banksy.  

The Oi YOU! Collection has been on show in numerous venues across New Zealand and Australia including Sydney, Adelaide, Christchurch and most recently Tauranga.

The Collection started being formed in 2005

George Shaw and Shannon Webster, founders of Oi YOU!, are the couple behind the Collection.

Selected images of the Oi YOU! Collection at Paradox - Tauranga, New Zealand.