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Spectrum Street Art Christchurch 2016 | Oi YOU!

Spectrum 2016 street art festival's main exhibition was again at the YMCA, Christchurch and more murals were painted across the central city. 


Spectrum 2016 was all about 'perspectives' - The Oi YOU! Crew built a series of installations that acted as enormous canvases for some of the world's best street and graffiti artists 


- Christchurch, New Zealand

- 2016

- Berst
- Deow
- Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada
- Ikarus
- Seth Globe Painter
- Elliot Francis Stewart
- Telmo & Meil
- Vexta  

Selected images of exhibition & murals.

...the quality of the production of this event rivals anything anywhere in the world
— Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada - Artist and street art legend