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Rose Beton Graffiti Art | Oi YOU!

Oi YOU! were invited to give a presentation at Rose Beton graffiti art festival in Toulouse , France

Rose Beton

Rose Beton Official Video

The French Embassy of New Zealand contracted Oi YOU! to go to the Rose Beton street and graffiti art festival curated by Tilt in Toulouse, France. There we gave a presentation on the impact of our street art festivals on post-quake Christchurch. 

Rose Beton - Toulouse, France


Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant, Sylvain Largot, Miss Van, Honet, Aryz, Ben Eine, Hendrik Beikirch, Reso, Futura, Craig Costello, Boris Tellegen, Mist, Tilt, Remio.    


Oi YOU! Christchurch Rose Beton video


Selected images from Rose Beton.