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All that's new in the world of Oi YOU!

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Nexus Grafitti Art Project transforms Moree

Graffiti Art Moree, NSW Australia

Oi YOU! were extremely proud to work alongside the Australian charity organisation Beyond Empathy to produce a series of graffiti based artworks in Moree, NSW.

Oi YOU! engaged Vans the Omega to paint all of the pathways and we worked with Luke Shirlaw of Ironlak to identify the artists, John Kaye and Emmanuel Moore, to paint the fences. Luke also took on the responsibility for the photo documentation of the project.

Everyone arrived in Moree on Sunday and work started in Arunga Park on Monday morning. The first part of the process was for the artists, alongside the Beyond Empathy team, to talk to everyone in the local area to find out what they wanted painting on the fences. John and Emmanuel firstly reflected those ideas into a design and then set to work painting the artwork.

Meanwhile, Vans the Omega  started the process of preparing the pathways. 

Later on Monday the artwork got underway and over the next week the process was repeated in various neighbourhoods across Moree, including Cooee Park and Sullivan Place and concluded with John and Emmanuel painting the large wall on the side of Killick’s General Store.

Local artists Welshy and Mehi Beale helped thoughout the process working alongside the artists - Welshy alongside John and Emmanuel and Mehi with Vans. 

Us at Oi YOU!, Luke and all the artists were totally blown away by our experience in Moree, everyone was so welcoming and appreciative of the work that we produced. It was also a really eye opening experience for us all, one that made us feel very differently about the world and in particular how poorly broader Australia treat and respect the First Nation people of the country.  

 If you want to get a deeper insight into the project you can read all about it on the Beyond Empathy blog here.

George Shaw