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All that's new in the world of Oi YOU!

Rone Long Street Art Christchurch 01.jpg

Oi YOU! - the driving force behind Christchurch and Adelaide's recognition as international street art cities.

Lonely Planet - Street Art

Both Christchurch and Adelaide feature in this new publication and Oi YOU! is noted for their part in building the street art culture in both cities.


Oi YOU! have been identified as the people behind the artists transformation in both cities...



“George Shaw and Shannon Webster’s Oi YOU! have developed and delivered a groundbreaking project, in partnership with Canterbury Museum,  called RISE, which drew a quarter of a million visitors and won NZ Museum Show of the Year in the process. As a result of the event - and subsequent Oi YOU! projects in the city - more than 40 murals have since been produced, and street art has become a vital part of the energy of the rejuvenated city.”

— Ed Bartlett, Lonely Planet



“Proactive Australasian street art organiser Oi YOU! has also held high profile events in town ”

— Ed Bartlett, Lonely Planet have run run a story about this awesome international recognition under the headline...

Christchurch ranked as a global street art capital in new Lonely Planet book  

Christchurch is ranked alongside New York, Barcelona, Berlin and London as one of the street art capitals of the world in a new Lonely Planet book.

The book names Christchurch as one of 39 cities around the world with a rich street art scene.

It credits the birth of the Christchurch street art scene with the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes and the RISE street art festival and exhibition in 2013.

Read the whole story here.


George Shaw