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All that's new in the world of Oi YOU!

Rone Long Street Art Christchurch 01.jpg

Spectacular Installation!

Oi YOU! have just completed the installation of 8 giant street art spray cans right in the centre of Christchurch.


Initially built for our first SPECTRUM event the cans were the put into storage after the second SPECTRUM festival - ever since we have been looking for the right home for them.

Fletcher Living appointed Gap Filler to oversee a series of installations in the post-quake redevelopment know as the 'East Frame'. We secured a spot for the cans on the corner of Manchester and Litchfield streets that will also include a half-court basket ball court and a bouldering wall. 

The cans were originally built to live inside so, before installation, we had spend a couple of weeks hard labour making them as durable as possible.

Our job was to deliver the cans ready for street and graffiti artists to paint.

Christchurch's foremost graffiti art crew DTR, in partnership with Gap Filler, will be responsible for overseeing what happens to them from here. The thinking is that some of the cans will be painted by 'headline' street artists and remain unchanged for a few months. Others will be ever-changing and for people to practice their skills, a place for graffiti and street art tutorials and free for visiting artists to make their mark.

We can't wait to see how things develop from here!