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Street Art at the YMCA


1. Mightier Than The Sword

It’s not just in literature that the pen wins out - street artists have, from the outset, utilised these chisel tipped, mark making wonders to produce the working drawings that inspire their masterpieces. Here we celebrate the humble paint and marker pen, the fundamental tool of the trade.


2. Sofles - In Perspextive

As you weave your way through a series of huge sheets of clear plastic you will encounter imagery painted on them by international graffiti art legend Sofles. Each sheet is a work of art in its own right but when seen from one angle will build, with the others, to form one united picture.


3. Selina Miles - Perspectives

Selina Miles is a videographer with a serious passion for graffiti and street art, she is also the technical expertise behind Sofles’s "Limitless" video. Here she is exploring the genre from every perspective and feeding it to us through over 100 channels covering the exhibition space floor to ceiling.          


4. DTR - Urban Jungle

Experience how graffiti art can transform a dilapidated alleyway into a place of gritty beauty. Produced by Christchurch’s foremost graffiti artists, including Jacob Yikes, Ikarus and Wongi, visitors will roam through buildings and laneways to explore their interpretation of ramshackle urban splendour.


5. Flox - Kiwi Jungle

Flox, from Auckland, creates elegant and delicate representations of Kiwi flora and fauna, here her interpretation of a backcountry scene, complete with native forest, rundown old bach and bush land soundscape, is the perfect counterpoint to the urban jungle that you emerge into this room from.


6. CSI Sydenham

A crack team of local detectives have been analysing how, in just four decades, the graffiti and street art movement has developed from simple tags through, wild style lettering, then character based artworks, to the amazing, massive murals like Owen Dippie’s Ballerina here in Christchurch. 

7. Pen Ultimate

A light at the end of a tunnel leads into our main exhibition space where huge gold frames wrap around massive artworks that run along the length of a 24 metre long, 6 metre high wall.

Beyond producing the artworks on the wall, we have also positioned 4 of our giant spray cans against each end wall and asked this year’s 8 headline artists to take on the task of decorating one.  

This is your penultimate treat; next head out onto the streets of Christchurch to see what this year’s artists have produced for us on big walls across the city.

Details of this year's headline artists here. 


Around the City

Big Walls

Over the opening weekend of SPECTRUM all of the artists brought in for the show will be working across the city streets transforming blank walls into great works of art.

Over the past 24 months 25 huge murals have been produced as a part of Oi YOU! shows, this year we are planning another 10.

The location of all the walls will be announced on the lead up to the Festival so make sure you get along to see the artists in action.

Details of this year's headline artists here.   



Great Art Giveaway

Great Art Giveaway

On a weekend, yet to be announced, Oi YOU! X YMCA will be giving away 36 works of art worth over $5,000!

In true treasure hunt style, tokens will be cunningly hidden in the Botanic Gardens opposite the YMCA, anyone who finds one will walk away with a free work of art!

The artworks will be totally unique and only available to people lucky or tenacious to find a token. We are still to finalise the design but they will relate to this year's festival and will be well worth hunting for!


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