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Since 2010 Oi YOU! have produced 8 major street art festivals in New Zealand and Australia.

Our unique combination of producing huge internal exhibitions to sit alongside the series of external murals, that get painted at each show, is why our events are recognised for setting the standard.

Check out the videos below and see for yourself.

SPECTRUM 2015/2016

SPECTRUM II was also held within the huge converted sports centre in Christchurch prior to it being re-purposed. It took almost 4 months to build and was the most spectacular exhibition that we had produced.

18 amazing artists, 8 stunning exhibition spaces and another 12 blank city-centre walls transformed into fabulous works of art.

This year's headline artists Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Seth, Telmo & Meil, Vexta, Berst, Deow, Elliot Frances Stewart and Ikarus were complemented brilliantly by Selina Miles, Sofles, Flox, Jacob Yikes, Wongi, Milton Springsteen, Power and Teeth amongst others - all of whom worked together to produced a truly immersive experience inside the massive exhibition space.


Early 2015 saw our first SPECTRUM Festival, it saw us transform a huge indoor sports centre, including a basketball court and four squash courts into an amazing, immersive street art experience.

With the help of 17 amazing artists from home and abroad we served up 7 amazing exhibition spaces as well as transforming 10 blank city centre walls into amazing works of art.

Our headline artists were Adnate, Buff Monster, Tilt, Sofles, Dcypher, Flox, Jacob Yikes and Owen Dippie each of whom produced an amazing work of art inside the YMCA building and painted a beautiful mural in the city.

Oi YOU! - RISE 2014

Oi YOU!'s first Christchurch event was the RISE Festival which opened at Canterbury Museum in late December 2013.

During its three month run over 248,000 visitors went through the Museum, smashing all previous visitor records for any previous event held there.

The Museum was home to 3 major exhibition spaces, 15 huge walls were painted across the city and we ran community events that thousands of Cantabrians participated in.

To find out all you need to know about the RISE Festival and the amazing artists that were involved follow the RISE links or watch the RISE videos on our You Tube channel.

Oi YOU! Adelaide 2013

Oi YOU! Adelaide started with a bang; the organisers at the Adelaide Festival Centre anticipated 500 for the opening night and over 2000 rocked up!

Besides the Oi YOU! Collection being exhibited the Festival saw 8 massive city centre walls turned into amazing works of art. Australia’s most highly acclaimed street artists came in from all over the country to work alongside Adelaide's finest.

The Big Walls were painted by Anthony Lister, Beastman, Gary Seaman, Kab 101, Rone, Seb Humphreys, TSA Master Blasters, and Vans the Omega.

Produced in conjunction with Adelaide City Council and the South Australian Government Oi YOU! Adelaide was a shining example of how street art is being embraced by major cities.

Oi YOU! at Outpost, Sydney

Sydney’s Outpost Project, delivered at the end of 2011, was the biggest street art event that the southern hemisphere had ever seen.

It involved almost every major Australian artist and offered up feature installations by Kid Zoom, Anthony Lister and T-world.

To add that truly international flavour the Oi YOU! Collection, with its signature Banksy works, was brought in from New Zealand. It offered unmatched marketing muscle and it delivered in bucket loads; it made the front page of Sydney’s Time Out magazine twice as well as headlining on CNN’s GO Sydney page.

Outpost was produced on Cockatoo Island which is a twenty minute ferry ride from Circular Quay, despite this the event attracted over 86,000 visitors. The major hit was the Oi YOU! Collection with visitors regularly queuing for over half an hour to get in.

Oi YOU! 2011 Rugby World Cup

Oi YOU! 2011 was the major cultural event for Nelson during the Rugby World Cup and it attracted over 18,000 visitors in a city of only 45,000.

It was the first time that a major collection of works by Banksy had been seen in the Southern Hemisphere since he shot to world fame in 2006.

Visitors came from all over New Zealand and quite a few from Australia specifically to see the show. It was also the major cultural draw card in Nelson for visiting rugby fans.

As well as the Oi YOU! Collection being on show the event was home to a world-class installation by Auckland’s Cut Collective, saw the first major showing of works by Milton Springsteen and hosted the finalists of the nationwide Oi YOU! Competition.

Oi YOU! 2010

2010 saw the first ever Oi YOU! event.

The aim of the event was to familiarise people in Nelson with the concept of street art as a precursor to the big show in 2011.

Held at Nelson’s Founders Park it was based around a small competition intended for locals to enter and compete in.

Little did anyone know the attention it would attract; half of the finalists in the Open Section came in from out of town, it even drew people in from the North Island.

It was a huge success and created a real buzz in the city, an ideal prequel to the main event in 2011.

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