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Artists 2013/16

Oi YOU! events bring in the very best artists from home and abroad.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

In the nineties Jorge was one of the founder members of the Culture Jamming movement in New York modifying advertising campaigns and corporate logos to create satirical cultural observation and comment.

In 2002 he moved to Barcelona where he began his ‘Identity Series’; large scale, photo-realistic images of anonymous locals on the beautiful old surfaces of the city’s buildings. These were designed to give relevance to the individual’s contributions to the community and create dialogue through art.

Since 2008 Jorge has also been producing ground based images of monumental size from natural products such as sand and soil. These images are so large that, to see them in full, they must be photographed from a helicopter or even a satellite.

Find out more about Jorge here.



In the mid-nineties, Julien Malland first made a name for himself by painting murals across the 20th arrondissement of Paris under the name of Seth. Then in 2000 he published, in collaboration with Gauthier Bischoff, “Kapital, one year of graffiti in Paris“ France’s bestselling book about graffiti art.

Since 2003, he has travelled extensively broadening his own perspective on life and painting amazing murals. He is best known for his beautiful characters, mostly children, which connects to the chaotic environment and reflects the fragility of innocent youth in our world of mass globalization.

Seth is also the author, director and presenter of “Les nouveaux explorateurs“, a TV series produced by Canal+ focusing on a country and its local mural artists.

Find out more about Seth here.


Telmo & Miel

Whilst studying at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2007, Telmo Pieper a talented young illustrator and designer met Miel Krutzmann a seasoned graffiti artist and a collaboration began between the ambitious, artistic duo that has given birth to some of the most highly regarded murals currently being painted anywhere in the world.

To conceptualise their murals they work separately on ideas then come together with their sketches to see if combinations can be made. The result is usually a surrealistic mash up of photo realism delivered with a staggering attention to detail.

They pride themselves on their craftsmanship and always work on the same mural together interchanging seamlessly as and when needed to produce the best possible result.

 Find out more about Telmo & Miel here.



Vexta is a self-taught street artist from Sydney Australia, her bold and extravagant artworks have invaded landscapes from Melbourne to Mexico and everywhere in between.

Vexta’s work juxtaposes animal and human forms amid her symbolic, geometric shards to provide an insight into the fundamentals of the human condition. She reinterprets the sacred elements within science, cosmology and mythology whilst exploring mortality and the feminine being. She navigates these themes through the common thread of our existence in the modern world.

Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Vexta spreads her vision across the continents balancing exhibitions, commissions and creative ventures alike. She has exhibited extensively across Australia, Europe and North America.

Find out more about Vexta here.



Bobby Hung is a Chinese artist living in Auckland working under the name of Berst. He is one of only a handful of New Zealand based graffiti artists who enjoys a global reputation and is frequently invited to paint at events across the globe.

His current body of work is an exploration of Maori culture through the use of painting, typography, figuration and graphic illustration working within his studio and outdoors. His illustrative work references historical and contemporary motifs, symbols and mythologies while his outdoor works are mostly rooted in abstract and wild style graffiti lettering.

Bobby is also an arts educator and researcher who works in the tertiary sector, he holds a Masters in Education and is currently the Program Leader for the Certificate of Design and Visual Arts at Unitec.

Find out more about Berst here.



Born in the world’s southernmost city, Invercargill, Deow exhibited a passion for drawing and scribbling from infancy, during adolescence fate took him to California where he was confronted with endless ribbons of graffiti art.

He was inspired and quickly brought an antipodean idiom to the Los Angeles streets, on returning to New Zealand he honed his skills and splashed his mark across the dusty old walls of Southland and Otago. He quickly became the most highly respected graffiti artists in the bottom of the south.

His graffiti and street art has since found its way into the mainstream, he has exhibited alongside Southland’s foremost contemporary artists and in early 2015 won the People’s Choice Award at The Edge of The World exhibition for his spray painted native bird.

Find out more about Deow here.


Elliot Francis Stewart

Elliot spent his early childhood engrossed in comic books and creating elaborate drawings of galleons and scenes of war. Later he studied at the Auckland Metropolitan College, there he met his tight-knit crew of friends and discovered a passion for graffiti art.

His offbeat cartoon-based work stood out across the city and in 2001 he was invited to join TMD (New Zealand’s foremost graffiti art crew), the additional exposure that came with this thrust him into the limelight and he quickly became recognised as the country’s most talented character based aerosol artist.

His gallery shows in Auckland have allowed him to showcase elaborate and influential illustrative works often created on found objects. Elliot currently lives in Auckland and works as an artist and freelance illustrator.

Find out more about Elliot here.



Christchurch graffiti art legend Nick Ikarus Tam is one of the founder members of the city’s foremost graffiti art crew DTR.

Ikarus lives and breathes the genre and his almost encyclopaedic knowledge, allied to his flawless clean-line style makes him one of the city’s most respected artists.

Where many others in the genre have moved to create more illustrative painted works, Ikarus’s diversions from graffiti lettering tend to be installations or sculptures that explore the stresses and strains of operating on the fringes of society.

This empathy extends to youth work, Nick was instrumental in Christchurch’s Project Legit, before it lost its home in the 2011 earthquake, working to help inner city youth find direction after falling foul of the law.

Find out more about Ikarus here.



Based in Melbourne, Adnate has evolved from his roots in graffiti art to become one of the world’s foremost large-scale portrait artists.

Heavily influenced by renaissance painters like Caravaggio, he utilizes spray paint to carry his realist style into what many would regard as the fine art realm.

The scale and unique delivery of his works amplify his amazing ability to transmit the emotions of his subjects.  

Find out more about Adnate here.


Buff Monster

Buff Monster made a name for himself by putting up thousands of hand-silkscreened posters across Los Angeles, and other far-away places. In 2012, after 15 years living and working in Hollywood, he moved to New York City.

The color pink, a symbol of confidence, individuality and happiness, is present in everything he creates. And he often cites heavy metal music, ice cream and Japanese Culture as major influences.

His work has been shown in galleries worldwide and he was also featured in Banksy's movie: Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Find out more about Buff Monster here.



Guy Ellis aka Dcypher is a native New Zealander living in Los Angeles. He earned his Bachelor of Art and Design in Christchurch, majoring in Illustration.

As one of the original members of DTR Crew he is widely regarded as one of the most talented graffiti artists to come out of Christchurch. He is also a member of the CBS Crew, one of LA’s largest graffiti crews founded in the 1980's.

As well as painting large scale advertisement murals for companies such as Converse, he has also developed mural art work specifically for the TV shows Sons of Anarchy, Silicon Valley and NCIS and was recently invited to Dubai to participate in painting the World’s Largest Graffiti Wall for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Find out more about Dcypher here.



Flox emerged from Auckland’s centre of vice and art, K Road. Using the city as her canvas and stencils and spray paint as her tools, she started transforming grey walls into things of beauty.

Along with her ferns and flowers, flocks of her trademark native birds could be found flying across the city streets, breathing life into the urban environment.

Her name became synonymous with innovative works that bravely push the boundaries of graffiti art. Her work celebrates its community and pays loving tribute to New Zealand’s natural world.

Find out more about Flox here.


Jacob Yikes

Yikes gained his diploma in fine arts from the Design and Arts College of New Zealand in Christchurch. He is DTR Crew’s newest recruit and is one of the city’s most active street artists.

With his roots firmly planted in graffiti art, his style has developed to reflect a world of weird and wonderful characters that morph and merge to form elaborate, often bizarre, compositions.

Inspired by his knowledge of decorative special effects, he is also pushing the boundaries of the art form by mixing exotic chemicals with spray paint to add a depth and uniqueness to his work.

Find out more about Jacob Yikes here.


Owen Dippie

Owen Dippie is one of New Zealand’s most internationally renowned street artists due to his amazing, arguably unsurpassed, ability to produce large scale, photo realistic artworks utilising only spray paint.

Based in Tauranga, he travels extensively and has left his mark in some of the world’s most famed street art locations including Melbourne’s Hosier Lane and New York’s (the now sadly redeveloped) Five Points.

His stunning ballerina of the back of Christchurch’s Isaac Theatre Royal instantly became both an iconic landmark and a much loved addition to the re-emerging cityscape.

Find out more about Owen Dippie here.



Hailing from Brisbane but seldom there, Sofles is fast becoming one of the world’s most widely known and respected street artists.

His video “Limitless” shot and cut by Selina Miles and released late in 2013, went viral – it received over 4 million hits within 48 hours and currently sits at over 9 million!

He is a member of the world champion graffiti art crew TMD and embodies the acronym by being The Most Dedicated of artists.

Find out more about Sofles here.



Tilt is an internationally recognized traditional street and graffiti artist, originating from Toulouse in South France. 

He is invited all over the world to produce work and is arguably most well known for his ‘Panic Rooms’ – installations where he covers exactly half of an all white space with his signature vibrant, coverings of colour.    

The French Cultural Office in New Zealand is proud to support Tilt’s presentation as part of SPECTRUM. Street art and urban cultures are vibrant in France and this collaboration offers exciting new opportunities for artistic collaborations between New Zealand and France.

Find out more about Tilt here.



Based in Auckland, Askew One is recognized worldwide for his unique approach to graffiti art and remains at the forefront of the international art scene through constantly exploring new and exciting styles.

He is self-taught in graphic design, illustration, photography, publishing, directing and editing music videos and moving images.

With over 20 years of experience, his need to reach out to the world from his home in New Zealand has driven him, he is now an artist of global repute and the most highly respected aerosol artist from these shores.

Find out more about Askew here.



Described as ‘Aztec imagery meets stain-glass window’, Beastman’s colourful flowing lines and hidden eyes have beautified walls from his native Sydney to almost every corner of the planet.

Beastman's tightly detailed, often symmetrical paintings depict a parallel world of hope and survival inhabited by his beastlike yet beautiful and emotive characters.

One of the most distinctive and prolific emerging artists in Australia, and one third of creative group The Hours, Beastman has exhibited extensively throughout Australia, as well as in the UK, USA, Germany and Hong Kong.

Find out more about Beastman here.



Both members of BMD are originally from Taranaki but are now based in Wellington – for BMD the bigger the wall the better and we certainly found a wall in Christchurch that matched their philosophy – it's something special!

Most of their works feature creatures of one kind or another produced in their own unique style.

To tell you much more about BMD is difficult as they like to let their work do the talking.

One thing we can tell you is that BMD is your friend!

Find out more about BMD here.



Originally from Whanganui, Eno, whose real name is Mikaere Gardener, now lives with his family in Raurimu.

Mikaere was runner-up in OI YOU!’s 2011 nationwide urban art competition narrowly missing out on winning the top prize of a beautiful limited edition print by American street art legends Faile.

He spent a month in 2012 as an artist in residence in Vienna where he met and worked with Austrian artist Knarf, more recently he has collaborated in Hamilton with Polish street artist Shida.

It’ was great to have him here in Christchurch and giving us a taste of his unique style.

Find out more about Eno here.


Ghstie AKA Sean Duffell

Ghostie was a nickname that was given to Sean's 3 eyed character 8 years ago and has stuck with him ever since. In traditional graffiti the letter “o” is often replaced by a character and this is why he ran with the name Ghstie or Ghøstie.

Drawing inspiration straight from natural NZ fauna and flora he produces reinterpretations of the country's natural habitat by creating complex abstract patterns that still retain the graphic style from his character based days.

His hope is that his work will contribute culturally and add a sense of vibrancy and that communities take ownership and pride in his murals.

Find out more about Ghstie here.


Anthony Lister

There’s no bigger name in southern hemisphere street art than Anthony Lister but despite regularly selling out shows all over the world, there’s nothing Anthony likes better than the challenge of painting a huge wall.

Lister was born in Brisbane where he graduated from the Queensland College of Art in 2001. He then travelled to New York where he mentored under the auspices of Max Gimblett, one of New Zealand's most influential living artists.

Lister's work is a grimy fusion of high and lowbrow culture often drawing from television and “misguided role models".

Find out more about Anthony Lister here.



To say that we were thrilled to have ROA come to Christchurch is a massive understatement!

He is one of the world’s most prolific street artists and spends more time travelling the world turning walls into beautiful vistas than he does in his native Belgium.

He specialises in creating huge grey-scale animals indigenous to the country he is working in and he pulled it out of the hat for us.

ROA hit the headlines in 2010 when Hackney Council in London considered painting over his 3.5 metre tall rabbit, a campaign was launched by local residents to keep the mural and the Council kindly let it stay.

He had no such problem in Christchurch where his work has already become a local treasure.

Find out more about ROA here.



Rone used to be known as ‘the poster boy of Melbourne’ because his posters of beautiful female faces were so prolific across the city. Nowadays he can usually be found painting his stunning images on huge walls the world over.

Rone’s philosophy about his work and street art in general is simple; “I paint because I want to bring the streets alive, because I love it and it adds character to an inanimate object."

A key member of Melbourne’s Everfresh Studios, Rone has a huge following in the city and if you take a wander around you’ll almost certainly bump into his work.

Find out more about Rone here.


Vans the Omega

Roughly based in Adelaide, Vans the Omega has been creating and painting letterforms for over two decades.

His standing as one of the world’s foremost street artists means he has been travelling the globe working almost constantly since 2000.

We are proud to say that he came home to take part in Oi YOU! Adelaide and it was a pleasure to watch him at work.

Vans is a magician with an aerosol; he turns himself into a machine as he paints, creating perfect circles and straight lines that form geometric shapes that unless you saw it for yourself you wouldn’t believe were painted freehand.

Find out more about Vans here.


Wongi & Ikarus

Wongi and Ikarus, graffiti art pioneers in Christchurch, are the RISE Festival’s local headline artists. Now full-time professionals, they’ve been the city’s foremost graffiti mural production team for the last decade.

Where many aerosol artists have left the city, these guys have stayed and are, with Yikes (who also produced work inside the Museum for RISE), ensuring that Cantabrians have the chance to enjoy their diverse styles.

Both produce work commercially so you don’t need to look any further for some awesome local ‘wall candy’!

Find out more about Wongi here.


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